2016 review of the Egyptian Vulture in Catalonia

The 2016 census of the Egyptian Vulture population in Catalonia has confirmed its increase in Central and eastern Catalonia. The team of Biologists for Conservation (University of Barcelona) and the Naturalists of Osona have actively monitored this vulture since 2012. The population has increased from 1 pair in 1988 to 28 occupied territories in 2016.
Since 2012, 79 young have been banded.
In 2016, 16 young fledged successfully.. A new territory, discovered in 2016 between Ripoll and Berga, confirmed the positive trend, even though it was unsuccessful for unknown reasons (unexperienced parents or disturbance from nearby climbing site). All other failures this year have probably been caused by human activities ( climbing, flights, logging).

See more http://www.ub.edu/aligaperdiguera/EEAPcat/actual75.html

Photos: Kiku Parés (Equip de Biologia de la Conservació de la UB)