The 25th meeting of the vulture network: a successful event!

This week end, the 25th vulture meeting took place, welcoming more than 140 persons!

This event gathered 66 structures and several countries such as Algeria, Chad, Italia, Oman or the Balkans. This show off the collaboration existing around the protection of vultures 


During those two days, 21 conferences were planned to dress a statement of the situation of European vultures: the Cinerous vulture, the Griffon vulture, the Egyptian vulture and the Bearded vulture.
They broached the threats affecting species and the different international measures established to protect them.
In addition, 2 workshops were available to raise awareness, questioning on the integration of the vulture as common good and how to settle the problem of vultures soiled water.

Friday afternoon end up with the movie “La fabuleuse histoire du Gypaète barbu” by Anne and Erik Lapied and for Saturday, a festive dinner “auberge espagnole” was planned with a concert of "Le Klez de 12”.

The week end finished with three outgoing educational experiences:

  1. Gorges de la Doubie, lieu-dit Hameau du Monna
  2. Le Rougier: atypical landscapes with a great bird diversity
  3. Circus of St Paul des Fonts

We Thank once more all the participants and volunteers, without whom none of this would have been possible. You are the strength of those meetings and we are pleased to see that more and more people are coming.

Don’t forget to share your opinion by answering the questionnaire sent to you by mail, this will help us to improve those meetings years after years.

See you next year!