Ardèche: Banding of Egyptian Vulture

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It is a protected migratory raptor that returns from Africa each year in order to reproduce in the cavities of steep cliffs. Protected at the national level, it receives special attention. Every year, regular and joint follow-ups are carried out by the LPO (Bird Protection League) and the Syndicat des Gorges de l'Ardèche.
Four couples have chosen this year to live in the Ardèche gorges and its surroundings, including one in the Ibie valley. Exceptional for several decades.
The small vulture born this spring in the valley of the Ibie was therefore banded today on 17 July. An operation to monitor its progress and movements. This banding was also done as part of a national banding program under the aegis of the MNHN (National Museum of Natural History) in Paris.
An operation carried out jointly by the LPO 07 (Bird Protection League), the SGGA and the CREPS for the technical part in cliff.
This is a new patrimonial species that enriches the biodiversity of the valley of Ibie. This is to be welcomed as it also means that the preservation organized around the current protection and recovery project is a success.
The Ardèche municipalities concerned are: Villeneuve de Berg, Saint Maurice d'Ibie, Rochecolombe, Lagorce and Vallon Pont d'Arc.

Isabelle Gonzalez

Photo Bénédicte Raoux