Bob, an Egyptian vulture, is starting its migration


Bob, the young Egyptian vulture born in 2017 in the Grands Causses (South of France) and equipped with a GPS tracker last April has just left its birthplace to start its first migration to the South of Europe. It had missed migration last year due to flight difficulties. The wildlife rescue centre took care of it between September 2017 and March 2018. Its departure coincides with strong northern winds and sudden low temperatures. It was seen around September 24th in the regional nature park La Narbonnaise in the Mediterranean area and is now flying over Spain near the Cadi Moixero nature park. Its tracker regularly transmits data allowing to locate it.

Telemetric monitoring gives precious information on vultures moves. The data about Egyptian vultures is still very limited. The tracker will therefore allow Bob’s monitoring and transmit the first telemetric information concerning the space use and feeding zones of a species still unknown in this area.

This data will add to that already used for Griffon vultures, Black vultures and Bearded vultures and will be extremely useful to make the right decisions concerning the locations of future wind turbines.

We wish Bob a safe journey and hope to see it back next Spring.

Cynthia Auge, Nature Animator at the LPO Grands Causses.

Translated by Claudine Caillet