Faia is a female Egyptian vulture who was captured at the Escalhao additional feeding site in June 2017. She was successfully bred in the Agueda valley, by the Spanish side of the river.

 Faia (c) VCF

She left the Douro canyon on September 6th 2019. She flew over the Gibraltar straight towards Morocco on September 9th and made good progress southwards.

As happened during the previous years, she was lost when leaving Morocco and entering Algeria because she flew over a desert area outside GSM coverage. There had been no more signal since mid-September 2019.

As the GSM coverage is fragmented in the desert, it is usual to be without news from the birds for a few days, a few weeks or even a few months.

Fortunately, Faia reappeared in Mali, right South of the Mauritanian border.

In all, she wintered 6 months in Mali where food is abundant and there is little human disturbance.

On March 4th, the VCF team noticed Faia was on her way back home to her nesting site. She was in Morocco on March 5th where she spent a few days before crossing the Gibraltar straight on March 9th to go to Spain.

She is progressing well and the VCF continues to monitor her movements until she comes back to the Douro area.

Let’s hope she will reach her nesting site safely and breed successfully !

Egyptian vultures are ready to fly back to Europe ! You can follow the movements of a few tagged birds by visiting the online VCF public maps.