Imminent extinction of the Egyptian vulture on Santo Antão island in Cape Verde

 Inspired by  "Notes et articles courts" :
« The Egypian Vulture Neophron percnopterus,
Indicator of the evolution of island ecosystems
Example: Santo Antão Island, Cape Verde »

Published in ALAUDA, International ornithological Magazine, Volume 86 (4) 2018


On Cape Verde islands, an historical population of Egyptian vultures is on the brink of extinction, if not already extinct. In the 1960’s, according to Naurois, the species seemed to be abundant on every island of the archipelago and highly dependant on human population : their waste, cattle breeding, etc. The state of the population on Santo Antao was already worrying in 2001. Hille estimated the population to be 10 couples and the decline around 50%.


The causes of the decline are manifold and similar to the continental populations : “poisoning, electrocutions, destructions, habitat alterations, decrease in food ressources…..” Michel Clouet writes in Alauda. A lot of effective measures have been implemented on the Canary islands. Following the installation of feeding plots and the elimination of mortality causes, endangered Egyptian vultures have recovered.

Translated by Claudine Caillet.