Our Partner VCF Highlights the Problems linked to the Building of a Wind Farm in Spain !

The Aragon government approved the project after they had received a favourable report from the Aragon Institute for the Management of the Environment (INAGA) who inexplicably validated the environmental impact assessment studies carried out by the consulting firms (Quality and Environment and TYPSA). The studies ignored various scientific reports as well as those of the Regional Administration itself which both indicate the presence of the most important and most famous Egyptian vulture roost in the whole of the Ebre valley, not forgetting other species of raptors.

Complaints and reports by scientists and ecologists in the local and national medias and before the regional Authorities since August 2019 have received no answer from the Aragon government. Complaints have also been lodged with the Aragon justice and the European Commission but the construction is still under way and the wind turbines nearest to the roost are already being installed.

This gross negligence threatens a sensitive species considered as endangered at the global level.

We take this opportunity to remind you that the problems connected with the development of wind farms concern may countries, including France.


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Egyptian vulture in flight (c) Bruno Berthemy