Poison is both a silent weapon and a plague for scavengers

Poison kills, consequences of illegal use of poison on protected wildlife

The « Réseau Vigilance Poison » (Vigilance Poison Network) led by the « LPO » (League for the Protection of Birds) has collected the bodies of scavengers in the Pyrénées for 15 years in order to identify the causes of mortality. The results are clear : 24% of the mortality cases are due to illegal poisoning and the number is growing.


The French populations of scavengers have been increasing for a short time thanks to the efforts made by the various players in the field of conservation. France has a strong legislation, an active and sensitized civil society, highly involved associations and significant resources. 

However, 2018 has been a terrible year for large birds of prey : the number of poisoned birds, especially in the Grands Causses (Southern France) keeps rising. Since January, a black vulture, a griffon vulture and a bearded vulture called Durzon have been found dead.


The LPO and its partners have therefore published 2 documents to raise awareness about the impact of poisoning on protected wildlife. One is intended to the general public and will soon be displayed in town halls, police stations, veterinary surgeries... The other one is more technical and is intended to judicial officers, vets and managers of waste collection centres.

- The technical file « Poison kills » gives a comprehensive overview of the issue : products concerned, impacts on protected wildlife, criminal sanctions applicable and recommended solutions.

- The document intended to the general public has the shape of a pyramid to be displayed on counters at local authorities, technical services... Its aim is to raise the general public awareness to the lethal though silent threat.

We want to increase everybody’s vigilance and awareness about this problem so that behaviour will change. We are at your disposal to give you all the necessary information you might need at contact@pourdespyreneesvivantes.fr

You may publish these documents on your website, social network, etc, in order to share the information and obtain more positive results.

Translated by Claudine Caillet.