Rupis is on its way to Iberia

Rupis - the subadult Egyptian vulture which was captured and tagged in the framework of the project LIFE Rupis last July, and that has spent the winter in the National Park Boucle du Baoulé in western Mali – has now started his migration towards Europe!
Rupis stayed all winter in Mali until now. When we were losing hopes he would come to Europe – most of his breeding conspecifics have already arrived in early March – he then made a move. Rupis started on the 3rd April and flew north-east into Mauritania. It then made a west-turn and spend a day in an area which it visited also on the way south (see map). The last data we received is from the 11 April on the border between Mauritania and Algeria, 1000km into his journey – but there are still around 1800km until the Douro canyon!

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