Saving a chick in Grands Causses

One of the two young Egyptian Vultures born in 2017 in the Grands Causses was found near the Dourbie River on 10 September 2017. He, as well as his parents, had not been seen since a week by the LPO and Natural Park team of Grands Causses . Lightweight (1.4kg), but with not apparently harmed, it was released on 12 September, not far from his nest and without his parents, probably gone on migration.

It did not move during 2 days and was recaptured on 14 September and kept in Millau Center. Necessary analyzes willl be done to search for physiological problems, lead, etc … He will be kept here during winter and potentially released next spring. This species remains rare in the Grands Causses and every young is important !

Léa Giraud

LPO Grands Causses