The survey of breeding Egyptian vultures started in the Douro canyons

The survey of the Egyptian vultures breeding in the transboundary Douro canyon started last week, with staff from the ICNF, the Portuguese nature conservation agency, and from Arribes del Duero Natural Parks surveying a section of the cliffs from the river. They reported that all birds are now on their breeding territories, although the breeding season seems to be a bit delayed, because of the unseasonal cold that affected that part of the Iberian Peninsula in the end of March.
Last year the ICNF and the Arribes del Duero Natural Park completed an exhaustive breeding census of Egyptian vultures in the whole Douro canyon, and identified 135 pairs of Egyptian vultures (121 pairs confirmed and 14 possible). This year’s survey will focus on a sample of these pairs, to measure breeding productivity.

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