Technical handbook for the management of captive Egyptian vultures


The handbook represents the result of 20 years’ experience in the management of the largest Egyptian vulture captive stock in the world, hosted at the CERM Endangered Raptors Centre located in Rocchette di Fazio (GR). Up to 2017 46 specimens were born in the captive centre and since 2003 23 of them were released into the wild.

The Association CERM NGO manages the “Egyptian vulture Project” aiming at undertaking practical conservation measures in the attempt of preventing the extinction of the species in Italy, such as:
- development of captive breeding techniques;
- release into the wild of captive-bred fledglings/juveniles, thanks to the cooperation with Italian and European authorities, institutions and associations;
- management of a supplementary feeding point in a sensitive area.
The Association CERM manages, at the homonymous Centre and cooperates in the implementation of the LIFE project Egyptian vulture.


Technical handbook for the management of captive Egyptian vultures.pdf