Three Egyptian vultures tagged in the Douro named – and one of them has already started the migration to Africa

The three adult Egyptian vultures captured and tagged this summer within the LIFE RUPIS project have now been named, after a vote in which hundreds of people voted on their names.
The male captured at the Escalhão supplementary feeding site in June was named Douro, while the female was named Faia. As for the male captured in July in the Bruçó supplementary feeding site, it was named after the site and the nearby village: Bruçó.
The other two birds followed had been named Poiares (the female found weakened in Poiares village) and Rupis (the bird captured and tagged last year).
Rupis and Bruçó did not breed yet – they are both 4th year birds, but Poiares, Douro and Faia bred in the Douro canyons – with Poiares and Faia successfully raising a chick – Douro unfortunately failed, probably even before the capture.
And while the other birds are still in the area, some still attending nests with young, the female Faia started its autumn migration – she spent her first night on the long migration route near Cáceres in Extremadura in Spain (see map).
All the 5 birds are equipped with a GPS tag that have been providing the project with valuable information about their detailed movements.

You can follow the movements of all these birds at our website here -