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Our Partner VCF Highlights the Problems linked to the Building of a Wind Farm in Spain !

The building and imminent opening of a wind farm in the Cinco Villas region in Saragossa represent a serious threat to the population of Egyptian vultures as well as other raptors.
Some wind turbines are actually less than a kilometer away from the main Egyptian vulture roost in the Ebre valley !

Egyptian vulture in flight (c) Bruno Berthemy

A new study about what Egyptian Vultures eat

A survey conducted by Associação Transumância e Natureza (ATN) and carried out within the LIFE Rupisproject revealed fascinating information about how Egyptian vultures feed in the Douro Canyon.
Scientists collected and identified food leftovers from 10 Egyptian vulture nests in the Douro Canyon.

What are the results ?

Egyptian Vulture (c) Pilar Oliva

Sad End for Kate, an Egyptian Vulture

Kate was a young Egyptian vulture bred in captivity and released with 7 other Egyptian vultures in Basilicate (Italy) between July and August 2019.

Unfortunately, she was found dead in the West of Sicily at the beginning of January after spending only 2 months on the island. She is the 4th Egyptian vulture found dead in the same area.

To find out about her story and learn about the other Egyptian vultures released in Italy, click on “read more”.

Kate photographed during her stop in Calabria (c) Carmelo Fiore

We wish you a very good New Year !

 The LPO France team and the Mission Rapaces team wish you all the best for 2020 !

We thank you all for your support during the past years. Let us all continue to work together to protect biodiversity in 2020 !

Bulgaria resumes the fight against poisining of wild life !

On November 26th and 27th 2019, governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as environmental NGOS met in Sofia –Bulgaria- to develop a strategy which aim was to find the best solutions to fight illegal use of poison and poisoned baits in nature in order to reduce the number of poisoned animals.

This strategy, implemented at the national level, will be one of the most important to protect biodiversity and endangered species in Bulgaria.


(c) Dimitar Gradinarov

An efficient international cooperation allows for the release of the Egyptian vulture Iberia!

Thanks to effective cross border collaboration between NGOs, governments of Portugal and Spain, making life possible for a young Egyptian vulture! The young vulture was found weakened in western Portugal and has been fully healed and now released near Acehúche, Cáceres in Spain, the only wintering area for the species in Europe.