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2018 Report on the breeding season of the Egyptian Vulture in the South-east France

In 2018, the number of couples staying in the south-eastern part of France welcomed a new couple. They were 17 couples in 2015 and the population grew to 20 in 2018. 17 young fledged. The information on the breeding period of the species in the South-East, the monitoring with photo-traps of feeding stations and the telemetric monitoring of some south-eastern birds is available in the annual report by Cécile Ponchon (CEN PACA), coordinator of the National Actions Plan for the Egyptian vulture in South-East France and local contributors implied in the monitoring and conservation of the species.

More than 800 Egyptian Vultures migrating to Sarimazi

The Bulgarian association for the protection of birds (BSPB), Doga Dernegi, and the RSPD have set up a camp in Sarimazi, a migration bottleneck in the South of Turkey. From mid-August to mid-October, 3 observation zones made it possible to monitor most of the Egyptian vultures and other birds of prey migrating around the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean sea. 106731 birds , of which 813 Egyptian vultures, were counted.
A complete version of the daily bird count and the total count is available on Sarimazi count website.

Poison is both a silent weapon and a plague for scavengers

Poison kills, consequences of illegal use of poison on protected wildlife

The « Réseau Vigilance Poison » (Vigilance Poison Network) led by the « LPO » (League for the Protection of Birds) has collected the bodies of scavengers in the Pyrénées for 15 years in order to identify the causes of mortality. The results are clear : 24% of the mortality cases are due to illegal poisoning and the number is growing.


Bob, an Egyptian vulture, is starting its migration


Bob, the young Egyptian vulture born in 2017 in the Grands Causses (South of France) and equipped with a GPS tracker last April has just left its birthplace to start its first migration to the South of Europe. It had missed migration last year due to flight difficulties. The wildlife rescue centre took care of it between September 2017 and March 2018. Its departure coincides with strong northern winds and sudden low temperatures. It was seen around September 24th in the regional nature park La Narbonnaise in the Mediterranean area and is now flying over Spain near the Cadi Moixero nature park. Its tracker regularly transmits data allowing to locate it.

Live Webcam at Stara Zagora Rescue Center in Bulgaria

The camera captures the exciting moments of Egyptian vulture life and their dedication to their young chicks on the project website . The camera is the only one of its kind in the world!

Since 2012, this camera has been able to observe the life of this endangered species and to witness the hatching and flight of 9 young birds in total. This year, the couple started incubating very late - at the end of April and so the babies hatched just a few days ago.


3 countries gathered to save the Egyptian vulture, the LPO was present

An important workshop for the conservation of the Egyptian vulture population in the Western European flyway took place from 26th to 27th March 2018 in Alcántara, Extremadura – Spain. More than 25 participants from France, Portugal and Spain gathered to discuss priorities for the conservation of this globally endangered species in western Europe.