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3 countries gathered to save the Egyptian vulture, the LPO was present

An important workshop for the conservation of the Egyptian vulture population in the Western European flyway took place from 26th to 27th March 2018 in Alcántara, Extremadura – Spain. More than 25 participants from France, Portugal and Spain gathered to discuss priorities for the conservation of this globally endangered species in western Europe.

The 2017 Egyptian Vulture in the Pyrenees and National Reports

After 3-4 rather unfavorable years in the Pyrenean and South-East population nuclei, the reproduction monitoring carried out in 2017 led to the observation of better results both in the number of territorial pairs and in the reproduction parameters. The analysis of these results and the various evolutionary trends are detailed in the annual report produced by Erick Kobierzycki, technical coordinator of the National Vulture Action Plan, with the essential contribution of all the network partners involved. in the actions of knowledge and conservation of this threatened and fragile species.

Dowload report (in french) Vautour percnoptère Bilans Pyrénées et National 2017.pdf

Banding Program - Telemetric Tracks Egyptian Vulture in France - 2017 Report

As part of the Egyptian National Vulture Action Plan, the banding and telemetry actions of the species are being pursued and are developing with all the associative and institutional partners of the program, more particularly for the GPS monitoring operations: the Conservatory of Natural Areas PACA Region and the Mixed Syndicate Gorges du Gardon. The various operations and results are detailed in the report made by Erick Kobierzycki, technical coordinator of the Egyptian National Vulture Action Plan.

Dowload report (in french)

Programme de Baguage - Suivis télémétriques Vautour percnoptère en France - Bilan 2017.pdf

Sad news from Elodie born in Paris dead in Niger

From website Sahara Conservation Fund

At the beginning of October, the management unit of Gadabeji Game Reserve (GGR) has been supported by the Sahara Conservation Fund and the project Niger Fauna Corridor to carry out a mission in the vicinity of the reserve to collect information about a tagged captive bred Egyptian vulture released in Bulgaria.

Unparalleled Catastrophe in Argentina, 34 poisoned condors


Website VCF inform

The Vulture Multi-species Action Plan (Vulture MsAP), approved recently in the conference of the parties of the Convention for Migratory Species - a global strategic blueprint identifying priorities and actions to conserve 15 species of old world vultures – says it clearly: (illegal) poison with poisoned baits (often against predators of livestock) is the main threat to vultures worldwide.

43rd birthday of Montejo Refuge Raptor

Fidel José Fernández and Fernández-Arroyo announce the 43rd anniversary of the Montejo Refuge Raptor (Spain) this Saturday, January 13th. Fidel José Fernández has spent most of his life there. The refuge is one of the first protected natural areas in central Spain, which has allowed the conservation of one of the largest populations of Egyptian vultures and vultures in Europe.

You can download the article (in Spanish): el Refugio de Rapaces cumple 43 años.pdf

Bright breeding season 2017 in Bulgaria and new challenges for the Egyptian vultures in Greece

The Website "The Return of the Neophron" inform

In Bulgaria the total number of occupied territories in 2017 was 27 (19 in the Rhodopes and 8 in Northern Bulgaria). The number of occupied territories is 10% less in comparison to 2016 but the number of pairs that started breeding was higher - 23 pairs in 2017 (22 in 2016). The number of successful pairs hasn‘t change between 2016 and 2017 – 20 pairs. In 2017 they raised 24 chicks in total but only 22 successfully left the nest (18 in the Rhodopes and 4 in the north of Bulgaria). The number of raised and fledged chicks was relatively the same in 2016 – 25 raised against 23 that fledged.