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Egyptian vultures in the French Pyrenees

News about Egyptian vultures in the French Pyrenees two months after the birds left to migrate: a mid-term report reveals that 69 pairs in the area are currently listed by the monitoring network. 62 are currently reproductive, the presence of a new site in the Ariège department is being investigated and 7 changes of site have been recorded. We will have to wait until the definitive results in mid-September in order to confirm these promising figures.


Situation in south-eastern France

An initial study of the situation in the south-east is very encouraging as 22 couples have been counted, a total of 2 more than last year, with 20 pairs having laid eggs (compared with 17 last year). All the pairs present last year have returned, except in the Causses where only 2 of the 4 pairs from 2010 are nesting (with one late clutch).


Supporting arguments and action plan for griffon vultures

With the support of different wildlife protection groups, the LPO has outlined the position that it hopes to defend for the project, developed by the Ministère de l’Ecologie, du Développement Durable, des Transports et du Logement [France’s Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing] and managed by the ONCFS [France’s National Office for Hunting and Wild Fauna], of drawing up an action plan for griffon vultures.

The Egyptian vulture is back!

Première observation 2011, dans l'Hérault. Photo… Denis Rey © It is with great pleasure that I can announce that the Egyptian vulture is back in the Hérault department, seen for the first time this year on 10th March 2011 in Saint-Maurice-Navacelles.
It appears to be the unringed male from the pair in Saint-Bauzille de Putois. The bird was photographed at the farm-based feeding area the day after the government’s veterinary services had visited to officially approve the site!!!

A relaxation in natural knackery regulations

Good news for vultures: the European Union is relaxing natural knackery regulations!
Thanks to the combined work of the LPO’s Mission Rapaces and its Spanish colleagues, the European Union recently relaxed regulations concerning natural knackery. Good news for scavenging birds of prey, which were the victims of a famine from 2003 to 2005!

Download the PDF of the press release (in French).

Printemps du Percnoptère – the Egyptian Vulture Spring Celebration – 23rd and 24th April 2011

23rd and 24th April this year mark Printemps du Percnoptère – the Egyptian Vulture Spring Celebration.
14 events have been planned by the branches of the Massif des Pyrénées networ. Click here for the full programme for the celebration (in French).