International Conference on the Long-eared Owl

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

With this note, I would kindly invite you to attend our very first International Conference on the Survey, Monitoring and Conservation of the Long-eared Owl Asio otus.
The conference will be held in the town of Kikinda, Serbia (located about 130 km northwest of Belgrade). The focus of this exciting conference is around two themes: 1) the science and conservation of the Long-eared Owl; and 2) enhancing community-based programs, awareness, and ecotourism in regions in the Europe, Russia, and the Middle East having Long-eared Owl roosts. Since the 1960's, the number of owls roosting in towns in the winter has been on the increase, and this spectacular phenomenon now provides a unique situation that combines the wonderous mystique of owls, science, and community benefit! For example, in Kikinda (now the Owl Capital of the World) in December 2009, we counted 754 Long-eared Owls! Please come and join us as we explore and enjoy the fun mixing of community action and science.

More information on the Conference web page here

Strigologically yours,

Milan Ruzic
Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia
Serbian Owl Conservation Centre